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The Snuffle X Lick Mat Hybrid

The Snuffle X Lick Mat Hybrid

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This Snuffle and Lick Mat Hybrid has been a key tool in helping MBFKC Co Founder, Sage the Cocker, conquer his separation anxiety. Sage's mum has scoured the pet supply industry searching for high quality products to aid in Sage's training, and this hybrid is by far the stand out! 

Snuffle Mats are such a fantastic tool, allowing your pup to practice their natural behaviours, providing hours of entertaining enrichment and allowing pup parents to get on with their work guilt free!

This hybrid is perfect for use during crate training, to prolong feeding sessions or to have prepared in advance of pup's daycare drop off in your absence. 

At MBFKC HQ, not only do we strive to source high quality, unique products, but we think being "easy on the eye" is also important! Who prefers this chic neutral Oxford Cloth Mat compared to the market standard - cheap garish felt (we do)!

To use, simply hide your pups favourite dry treats inside the loops (the smellier the better - we recommend our ranges from Fish4dogs & Green & Wild)! Next, smear your pups wet food, complimentary paste, pureed vegetables or peanut butter on the silicone mat (we recommend using our Trout and Salmon Mouse from Fish4dogs). 

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